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~*☆ Some cute crap. In comic form ☆*~ Follow the adventures of NerdCat and friends as they try to capture a wishing star so they can make their wish~


NerdCat is a video game and cosplaying enthusiast. This cat lives for anime conventions and loves collecting all sorts of merchandise from the best series (even though NerdCat often can't afford it). However, oftentimes NerdCat pretends that everyday life is just one giant video game, and so this cat has a hard time differentiating between reality and fantasy. Although stuck-up about a lot of things, NerdCat is also quite sensitive and can easily be offended. NerdCat is best friends with Mr. Bunny.
Mr. Bunny

Mr. Bunny is one of the cutest guys you'll ever meet. However, underneath those starry eyes and sweet smile is a dark, devious, murderous little psychopath. He is a magical bunny, and whenever he drinks a little bit of coffee he turns into Bunzilla, destroyer of cities. Whenever he's not out devastating lives, he has been known to enjoy a pastry or two. He also loves mastering all of his bizarre facial expressions. He is best friends with NerdCat, but he can't help but torture the poor kitty every now and then.